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Discover the Beauty of Chinese Traditional Dance

Welcome to WuZhiLin Performing Arts


Our Story

    Our mission at WuZhiLin Performing Arts is to teach and promote Chinese traditional dance , which is a rich and beautiful cultural heritage. We offer a variety of programs for both children and adults, catering to all age groups. 

    Our professional instructor , Ms. Jin Lin , provides high quality education in Chinese classical dance. She will assist students with strength, flexibility, and dancing techniques. The emphasis on improving flexibility and body shape through basic dance skills and barre movements is crucial in dance training, as it helps students build a strong foundation in the art. Her guidance in helping students master the movements, techniques, and cultural expressions associated with Chinese classical dance will not only foster skill development but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beauty of art. 

    Wuzhilin  provides more than a dance class but also a unique experience, supporting you both mentally and physically.  Everyone  shares a passion for dancing, and supports one another along their dancing journey. WuZhiLin  is somewhere where you can thrive, and grow regardless of age. We believe in the magic of dance and its ability to captivate, enrich, and change.

      Experience The Magic of Chinese Dance  

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